The 4PACK Ent. Music Group Presents MACKronyms “Take Me Away” ft. Johnny Blk Reese as Heckle and Racci AK Ashy Knuckles as Jeckle.

By and large, “Take Me Away” has the classic MACKronyms sound: a warm and crisp confluence of cinematic hip-hop, old school lyrical flows, and a modern soulful hook, all mixed and mastered impeccably. Here MACKronyms have once again captured the energy and depth that has made them such an important and inimitable act in the first place.

Johnny Blk Reese and Racci AK Ashy Knuckles come with a sense of urgency, deep introspective thought, and camaraderie. It never feels like they’re just going through the motions. The flows are consistently dazzling, and lyrically, the track focuses on a time of struggles and hustling, while the chorus, powerfully ignites the song’s emotional side.

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