Hop artist dB Fresh signed an artist development deal in 2008 with G-Unit Dumout Records under Mazaradi Fox, a 50 Cent affiliate. In 2012, he dropped his first solo album featuring J. Diggs (Thizz Nation), who was featured on BET’s American Gangster series. dB has released over 15 CDs including mixtapes and full albums. Recently, he has worked with Jahlil Beats of Roc Nation on an exclusive production titled “Dance,” as well as Jaywan Inc on the record “Did It For Me.” dB has also worked with Juelz Santana and Doe Pesci.

db-fresh-coverdB Fresh has just dropped his latest track, “3 Zips” ft. Future and Produced by Lui Kang. Once again, he came hard with this song. Once again the man is giving the streets what they want; he is pouring out his soul and telling you about the street life. dB Fresh is keeping it real, so you better call the fire marshal because if you play this track in your car your speakers might catch on fire!

dB Fresh makes club bangers, hardcore songs, gangsta music. He truly touches the hearts of those who have been in his shoes or have been in contact with those who have. Lyrically a talented individual, dB Fresh is truly underrated and overlooked. He is a story teller – music, streets, clubs, drugs, family, women, industry, jail, and money – he talks about it all. And while you probably won’t be sitting down thoroughly analyzing the literary depth of the lyrics on “3 Zips” like you would on some of his other stuff, you will appreciate it for what it is, and you will have a lot of fun listening to it.

dB Fresh has definitely won me over. I really like this new track. His lyrics have a clear meaning, and he has great cooperation from Future and producer Lui Kang. In order to appreciate dB Fresh, and what he brings to the game, you have to listen to him on his mixtapes and albums. However this track is fire too, if you know how to listen to it!